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“There’s no substitute for security. There’s no excuse for neglecting it either”Mark Cutting - founder

Inocul8r is a technical community that will (hopefully) breed   excellence. You don't have to be a guru or expert to join, and there really is no entry criteria (as such, although there are some basic rules). The overriding focus of Inocul8r is to be an community - a platform of disparate technical and non technical peers that have joined forces for mutual benefit or to achieve a common purpose such as (limited example)

  • Discussing current InfoSec trends, threats, and information sharing
  • Discussing practical ways of securing your environment using standards and non standards
  • Sharing of information and knowledge around technology and its associated facets
  • Creation of ideas on how technology should be presented from the sales angle, and C level execs
  • Create an technology union that people actually   want    to be part of

We  believe in community spirit, and are of the opinion that if you have a virtual consultancy at your fingertips, technical challenges are much easier to digest. Whether you're a small team or individual through to a huge corporate looking to expand your technical horizon, this is for you. Experience is welcomed, but not mandatory. Stupid questions are allowed as long as it remains on topic or business related.

No membership fees, no cost -   ever.