Goodbye… or is it ???

After some considerable thought, I’ve decided to shut down The reasoning behind this is pretty simple, and it doesn’t have anything to do with engagement. I started this project focusing on a niche which has been “done to death” and as a result, there are simply too many other platforms offering the same thing – it’s been a small fish in a sea of sharks, and no longer warrants full time development or other energy.

I’d like to thank everyone who signed up for this platform, but sadly, it is no longer viable. However, it’s anything but “the end”. I’m working on something much bigger in terms of reach and capabilities which I’m hoping will be a game changer once it’s completed. It’s almost finished, and you can review and register here and an overview here. Whilst still covering the technology side, this just a small part of what it will eventually offer – most importantly, an easy to remember name, catchy slogan, attractive and modern interface, fast, and….

I could keep going but don’t want to spoil it ! Watch this space.